Nothing can compare to the traditional sauna that is heated with a wood stove and sited next to a cold water lake or deep snow. If you live in an urban location you most likely will not have the opportunity to build a traditional sauna in your back yard. The cost of buying firewood and silly environmental regulations that prevent the use of wood stoves are just some of the reasons for not enjoying a traditional sauna.

New technology in the form of infrared sauna heaters now makes it possible to enjoy some of the benefits that a traditional sauna provides. Many sauna manufactures now produce saunas that can be installed in just about any location that has access to electricity. Infrared sauna heaters produces the same radiant heat that a wood stove produces without all the mess of cutting and burning wood. Typically infrared radiant heat is very similar to that of the sun without wood heaters the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays. Infrared sauna heaters comes in basically two forms ceramic and carbon fiber. Ceramic heaters have the ability to efficiently emit Far infrared heat energy (electromagnetic waves). They are the most common type of infrared sauna heaters on the market. Ceramic heaters are more durable but are also more fragile. This can be a concern if you are moving your sauna to a different location. Carbon fiber infrared sauna heaters is much less common and is generally found in the better infrared saunas. Carbon fiber infrared sauna heaters is thinner, weighs less and is less fragile than ceramic sauna heaters.

Carbon infrared sauna heater have the ability to heat faster but stay cooler thereby saving energy over ceramic heaters. The surface of a ceramic heater may exceed 350F degrees to achieve a sauna temperature of 140F degrees while a carbon fiber infrared sauna heaters will only have a surface temperature of 150F degrees to achieve the same sauna temperature. Engineers will tell you that shape is far more important than the type infrared sauna heater. Flat panels will provide more efficient heat and give a better radiant heat feel than other designs. Some experts will point out that since you are generating infrared radiant heat from carbon fiber you will feel more heat since the human body is also made of carbon. The theory is that the frequency of electromagnetic waves from carbon fiber will better penetrate your carbon body better. No matter what type of infrared sauna heaters you use to heat your sauna you can be assured that your sauna will be hot enough to give you a good sweat.

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